Moving Companies in Italy: How to Choose the Right Mover

Whether you are looking for a professional mover for an international relocation or simply want to move within the country, this guide will help you understand what the Italian market looks like and how you can choose the moving company that best suits your needs.

Italy’s moving landscape is characterised by three main types of companies:

  • A very small number of large firms operating nationwide
  • Hundreds of local moving companies serving their regional area
  • Quote comparison platforms that partner up with tens of different companies

Who should I choose for an international relocation?

Given the average high cost of moving to/from abroad, it comes without saying that you should base your choice on two main factors: quote (make sure to compare at the very least 3 different ones) and reviews (read everything you can about the company before finalising your choice). The links below are helpful examples of well established, experienced international movers, but you should ultimately look at a wider amount of options.


Movers for domestic moves

If you are looking to move within the country, things are a little easier and we have collected some companies you can get a quote from for Italy’s biggest cities. Some of this companies also provide international moving services, but not all of them.

Please note that some of the movers listed below may not have any English-speaking support!

Top 5 moving companies in Milan:

  1. Grillo Antonino –
  2. La Rondinella Traslochi –
  3. Gabet Traslochi –
  4. Bellucci Traslochi –
  5. Fratelli Romano –

traslochi milano

Top 5 moving companies in Rome:

  1. Galli Claudio Traslochi –
  2. Traslochi Roma Easy (Reviewed) –
  3. Cotroneo Tonino Traslochi –
  4. Traslochi Emili Slr –
  5. Globo Italia Traslochi e Trasporti –

Cambio residenza a Roma

Top 5 moving companies in Naples:

  1. La Sicura Traslochi
  2. Franzosini Traslochi
  3. L’Amica Traslochi –
  4. La Napoletana –
  5. La Nuova Napoli –

Traslochi economici a Napoli

Top 5 moving companies in Turin:

  1. Achille Traslochi –
  2. Casetta Traslochi –
  3. Giorgio Ghilardini –
  4. Traslochi Rubello –
  5. Valsania Traslochi –

Traslochi a Torino

How much will my house move cost?

For moving services, prices in Italy are slightly higher than the European Average, as factors that impact this are the high prices for gas and the urban landscape, consisting of old historic centers where it is often a bit more difficult to perform a house move. The table below can be used as a rough indicator how how much you may spend on your move.

  1. Average Cost for Domestic and International Moves

    Same city Long distance International
    One bedroom apt. €400 to €700 €800 to €1,100 €1,800 to €3,500
    2-3 bedroom apt. €550 to €900 €1,200 to €1,600  €2,500 to €4,800
    House (150+ sqm) €700 to €1,100 €1,550 to €2,000 €2,800 to €6,000

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